Blessed Sopocko Faustina Divine Mercy webIt is important for us to understand that Bl. Fr Sopocko's part in making the message and devotion to Divine Mercy known in the Church and the world can not be underestimated.

Blessed Sopocko was there with Saint Faustina during the painting of the original Image

He celebrated the first ever Feast of Divine Mercy.                                                             

He founded the Sisters of Merciful Jesus, asked for by God, to  spread His message of Divine Mercy, he did this after Saint Faustina died.       

He went to Cardinal Karol Wojtyla in Krakow to tell him about Sr. Faustina and asked him to bring her cause forward.

He understood the significance and importance of the Divine Mercy Image that appeared to St. Faustina as being that of the risen Christ as He appeared to the apostles in the upper room on the first day of the week.

In his words:“The image of Divine Mercy is key to understanding all forms of Devotion to God’s Mercy and at the same time, is their synthesis as well. ” (from the Diary of Blessed Michael Sopocko)  

His cause is now going forward for Sainthood.




sopocko 1Blessed Michael Sopocko,

You have been given many graces from Jesus the Divine Mercy

which you have used for the healing of souls.

I ask you to help me ( mention your petition...)

and ask Jesus to grant me

the grace to have patience and perseverance

in my present trials,

Through Christ Our Lord, Amen

* Say this special prayer to Bl. Sopocko for 9 days





Divine Mercy 1Dear Jesus the Divine Mercy,

You yourself chose this priest,

Bl. Fr Michael Sopocko

to bring your message of Divine Mercy

to the attention of the Church and the world.

He did this and everything you asked of him,

not seeking any credit for himself.

I ask you now to give him credit

for all his work

and ask the Father

to bring him to the honours of the altars,

where he may intercede for all of us

asking the Father once again

to show His unending Mercy

in our difficulties and despair,

that we may find the answer to our problems

and find peace in our lives.